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Tanker Shuttle Accreditation Message

Tanker Shuttle Accreditation demonstrates the ability of TYENDINAGA FIRE DEPARTMENT to combat fires in rural areas quickly and effectively by providing a continuous flow of water to fire scenes far from municipal fire hydrants.

What is Tanker Shuttle Accreditation?

Tanker Shuttle Accreditation is a test that is part of the Fire Underwriters Survey Rating for a municipality and provides fire hydrant protected insurance ratings for areas of the Township. The main requirement for Tanker Shuttle Accreditation are:

  • Within five minutes of the first pumper arriving on scene of the fire, firefighters must be able to pump a minimum of 900 litres per minute or 200 gallons a minute
  • Must be able to maintain the minimum water flow uninterrupted for 2 hours

The test must be within 8 km of the fire station and must be at least 5 km from a water source where the tankers are refilled.

What Does the Accreditation Mean to Rural Residents?

Some insurance companies recognize the Tanker Shuttle Accreditation rating. Rural residences within 8 km of a fire station and rural businesses within 5 km of a fire station may receive an insurance reduction. Contact your insurance agent to see if you qualify for the reduction.

Most importantly, the Tanker Shuttle Accreditation demonstrates that TYENDINAGA FIRE DEPARTMENT has the ability to transport water to rural fire scenes to protect their citizens.